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We are spirit catcher with technology and create Blockchain based online entertainments.

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Who We Are

We make the "Block-Chain based online games" with our Tokyo and Tipei team.

Our vision is develop and publish new entertainment contents with Block-Chain technology and deliver "FUN" to all over the world!

New generation Block-Chain Technology.


"Block chain revolution is a big change in history!"

Applying Block-Chain technology to game contents is becoming a new flow, and the Smart Contract technology has opened new doors in the game applications area as well! In a world where Block-Chain is pioneering, our gaming business is about to change dramatically. However, in previous generation Block-Chains such as Ethererum, the transaction was slow and application to games had been difficult. We can form a technical alliance with each company with the latest Block-Chain technology and select technology according to the characteristics of our game project.

Integration of AI to game datas.


We will also use AI technology to analyze and predict game data. In addition to this analysis and forecasting, we can reduce the cost of customer support which had required a huge cost in the past. The combination of Block-Chain and AI enables dramatic cost reduction during operation. There is also a tre-mendous advantage in analyzing user data. For example, banner ads such as google will analyze user behavior and recommend products. We apply this kind of mechanism to item sales etc of the game, and will conduct game management that aims at maximizing profit.

Our rich experience of game development.

We have 20 years of development of various platforms experience in Japan.

Our recent works :
Little Noah ( リトルノア ) Cygames.


Rune Tennis ( 白猫テニス ) COLOPL.

カイジVR Solid Sphere.

and more..

We develop with Asia creators.

For many years the Japanese market was a special closed market. Due to the large market size of Japan itself, there was no problem in earnings in content development for domestic market. However, in the long run, with its aging society and decrease in population, raising profits only in Japan is expected to become more and more difficult. For that reason, our goal is to expand the market size by working together with creators in other Asian countries as well, and we have already initiated that. While our main development is in Japan at the moment, we have our 3DCG team in Taipei, and the development of the block chain in which "Japanese is lagging behind", will be worked on together in Taipei and Tokyo.


News release

August 23th, 2018.
We have signed on the MOU of future business alliance with Ding coin team.

Their company called "Mister Ding Ding" provides services for the wealthy people of the world using their crypto-currency.(their "Ding Ding coin" site here ).

We will do game development with initial funding from them. also, CUALLIX of their affiliate card payment has partnership with Panda land(熊貓王國). Panda Land is a big project based on Taiwan. We also announced our project as a relation project of Ding Ding coin at this press conference in Taipei. We are very pleased with the business alliance with Ding Ding coin.We will continue to accelerate our project.


Chinese only press:
儲20億美元保障虛擬貨幣 亞洲首張加密貨幣信用卡登台
蘋果日報:搶區塊鏈商機 熊貓王國聯手Cuallix發聯名信用卡

May 25th, 2018.
AURAS have signed on the MOU of "BOLT technology" tech alliance with TIDEiSUN.

・ TIDEiSUN group vice president Julian Chen (right)
・ AURAS LTD. CEO Masahiko Hagio (left)
Press and links:
BOLT technology
AURAS LTD. (CEO/ Masahiko Hagio )
Press Chinese
Press Japanese

What we do

Now We are developing our first Block-Chain Gaming.

we will be able to inform our puroject details to you soon.


Project Link

The next generation BLOCKCHAIN technology is adopted as a "race horse breeding game" aiming at the GI domination of the horse race world, which is the development and breeding of racehorse repeatedly.

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AvexEYE, 3-1-30, Minamiaoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo Japan

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